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Websites for small businesses was somewhat out of the reach due to cost until we stepped in! Many clients got their sons or grandsons to put up a website; and no one came to it. No more is the saying "build it and they will come!" Their website became an online brochure, that you can send someone to but no one would become a client as they can't find the website.

We understand it's not easy. Nowadays the web is called "web 3.0". It has changed dramatically do to the social media push and the massive connectivity to various websites. Traffic is still the big issue but unlike the days of web 1.0 there are now ways to drive traffic to your site. Let's take doing business on the web 3.0 one step at a time.

First, the most important thing to understand is that if you want a website to develop world wide sales or even local sales you need to embrace the concept of keywords. The big dog website 3on the block that can send you traffic is Google. Google operates via keywords and being able to send users to a qualified website based on a keyword search. So what is a keyword anyway?

We use them all the time but might not know it. Anytime you put input words into the Google search box those are keywords. They are words you use to find what you are looking for. Google visits websites and looks at the keywords of the site or tries to figure out what the site is all about. Making a website using keywords and making sure that Google knows what your site is about is paramount or else you will never be found.

keywords 1We have software that we use to find great keywords for your site. Keywords must fall into 3 categories: they have to be popular (searched for), have low competition (less than 100,000 other webpages use the keyword), and they must have been used to purchase something (not a lookie-loo visitor).

We next take those keywords and analyze the competition position for the top 10 slots from Google for that keyword. Once we compile those statistics we can predict your daily traffic that could be driven to your site by what is known as "off page SEO campaign". Once you have a site up and it's Google friendly the job is only half complete. Next you have to drive traffic to your site and we have another software program that can do that.

It can take up to 6 months to "organically" get on the first page of a Google search for your keyword. We can also show you how to do some of that yourself and save some money. However, without traffic you can't sell anything or have a chance to develop a new client. Just like a regular store, if they have not customers or traffic you can't sell anything. We help all our clients understand how traffic is generated by the new web 3.0. Here is a PDF of how the web works and how you can get backlinks to your website; which helps you rank toward one of the top ten slots from Google.

website 2You should use your keywords across all of your web properties, i.e., blogs, websites, facebook and twitter. Also remember to link back to your site from all these other web properties. This is one of many back link strategies which can help your organic Google ranking for your keywords. As was mentioned we have a software that can automatically start to get you thousands of high quality back links to your site and this will dramatically move you up onto the front page of a Google search return for your keywords. The website in the first position gets 42% of all the clicks for that page! The second gets 11.9%, third 8.5% and down to number ten at 2.99 %.

So if you have a keyword that is searched 100 times a day and you were in the first position on the Google first page, you could expect to receive 42 visitors for that day. So you can see how important it is to not only have popular keywords and use them correctly.

Finally we need to make sure your website is mobile friendly as Google will not send any web traffic to your website that isn't mobile friendly! There are so many small businesses that have an older website that isn't mobile friendly and don't even know they won't be listed in a mobile google search. To check to see if your website is mobile friendly you can go to

We build these affordable website creation for only $200 per page! If you want a 5 page website that is just $1,000. We help you set up your hosting and get your domain name. Please give us a call to get started or go over to to learn more about website design and products.