Computer repair
Computer repair working on a client's computer
Computer repair working on a client's computer

We do three things: Computer Repair, Virus Removal and Diagnostics

Computer Repair: We work on all types of computers and can repair both software and hardware. Computer repair co, also performs many other services for their clients like the following items.

Mac Repairs: Having issues with you Mac? Bring it in so we can take a look at it!

iPhone Repairs: Yes we can fix iPhones too!

Virus Removal: One of the most important things you can do for your computer! Why? Well viruses can actually cause physical harm to your computer and also betray you! Yes.. they can send all your passwords right to the bad guys. Don’t wait! If you think you have a virus, then shut down the computer and bring it in to our shop.

Diagnostics: As with most things; you can’t fix it if you don’t know what is wrong! If you bring in your machine and you think something is wrong, most places will take a look or just fix that one thing you talked about but yet, miss important problems. That is why we do a thorough diagnostic for your machine. We check the condition of all the hardware, software, and look for other items that will kill your machine. This is one of the most important steps in keeping your machine running top notch.


Also Printer Diagnostics, Building computers, Gaming computers and more

Printer Diagnostics: Just like with your computer we need to do a printer diagnostic if you bring in your printer. Missing or malfunctioning parts, low ink levels or just parts that are worn out; we must find all this out before we can fix your printer.

Build a basic computer: We can build you a great windows based computer at a very reasonable cost. If you want to specify the hardware parts; that’s great or sit with us and tell us what you want the computer to do. We can then recommend the right parts for your new computer, price it out, and get making you your next great computer.

Build a gaming computer: Gamers ask the most from their computers and we can build you your own, powerful, and fast gaming computer. We sit down with you and you tell us what you want your gaming computer to do. We go research the hardware/software and meet with you again to go over what we suggest. Once you agree, we are off to making you a fantastic computer; just to your liking.

We now offer refurbished computers: As the cost of computers continues to soar upwards we can offer you an older, refurbished computer at a fraction of the cost. First come first serve. We always have some small stock on hand for you to grab and if you are looking for a particular type, well we can keep our eyes open for that too. We offer a limited warranty on our refurbished computers too!

YES… We make house calls too! Yes the doctor is in the house! We provide in house services like virus removals, updates, tune ups, IT services, and we can check your routers as well. It’s a painless way to have your computers, printers, and networks kept up to par.

Data Recovery: If your hard drive crashes, we can recover your data (most of the time) so you can keep on going when you get a new computer. Depending on how bad the crash was we have been successful in this effort over 95% of the time.

Affordable websites: Yes we can make your website for you as well. We do a no nonsense approach to web building where the most important aspect is to get a call, an email, or what ever your call to action is. We can also do SEO on your website, set up all your social media, and do a deep directory submission.

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