Tip #1

Slow PC or asking yourself why my computer is running so slow? Windows registry issues are the largest cause for a sluggish PC performance. Many threats target the registry by damaging or misplacing important files. Daily PC cleaning of the windows registry should be on the top of your list of software to get! Never try to clean your registry manually; but rather get a program to do it for you. We always suggest that you either get a high quality program to do this or allow us to clean your registry once a month.


Tip #2

How to fix a slow computer: remove unneeded or unused files on your computer. If you have installed programs, in the past, that you find out that you don’t use anymore; then remove them. You can do this under the “start button” and navigate to the “control panel”. Once there programs and features button will allow you to add or remove programs.


Tip #3


Empty the recycle bin… Yep, sounds obvious but we all forget this! The recycle bin can really add up over time as we think that once we delete things into the bin; they are gone. Well, they aren’t so just navigate over to the recycle bin, click on it and select empty. Try to do this on every Monday of the week.

Tip #4


Disk Defrag. This is a debatable item but weigh in on the side of careful will mean that you should defrag your hard drive once a month. Windows 7 and above tend to do this automatically. Vista and XP users still need to defrag. Simple to do. Click on “computer” it will show you what hard drives you have. Right click on the hard drive, go to properties, and tools. There you will see a menu to use.